To order a portrait, cartoon, or a landscape, fill out this contact form and we will respond by emails within 48 hours asking a few questions about the painting and request a picture of the desired painting that you would like done. Half of the payment will be due through PayPal before your requested painting is started. Once the painting is started you might receive a few emails from me as I work through the drawing of the painting. When the painting is finished, you will receive an email with a picture of the painting. If you are satisfied and do not want any changes, the other half of payment and any shipping costs will be due. Your finished painting will be shipped after the final payment is received.


Note: That all your personal information, which is E-mail, Phone Number, and Address, will not be shared in publicly. Also for the final product of the painting we will ask you permission to post a picture of it on our Facebook page and the website gallery, if permission is not given the picture will not be shared publicly either.

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